Looking forward to an autumn coloured Oxley

I know we don’t want to give up on summer yet but I do love the colours of autumn around The Owls at Oxley and over the marshes, heath and forest.

I need to find new plants to replace those we lost over the hot summer – drought tolerate with lots of colour – any ideas please?

Still lots of sheep on our fields – lovely sight!



Reminding all visitors to The Owls at Oxley to bring a bucket of sunscreen!!

Record  breaking weather

It is as hot here as anywhere again this week.  We do have a little sea breeze though which has helped especially in the evenings so why not take a twilight walk by the beach.

Enjoy the pool and the beach nearby. Crabbing gear available – just provide the bait.



Looking forward to greeting all our summer visitors.

ps availability for half term in October.


Spring is coming!

Despite the fog, the wind, the rain and the cold, the winter has been  pretty good in Shingle Street.  We have had many beautiful days – perfect for bracing walks by the beach – but more importantly the signs of spring are fast appearing – the snowdrops are typically defiant, daffodils and tete-a-tetes showing their leaves, bergenia flowering pink and our large viburnum bushes ready to burst into flower for the second time.

7.3.16 135
The hares are popping up more frequently too.

Post Rio catch up at The Owls at Oxley


After a wonderful 3-week trip to South America incorporating a week in Rio watching some of our athletes achieve great things, we were delighted to find that things at the Owls at Oxley had run so smoothly thanks to the efforts of a lovely team.  Thanks everyone.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

Great plans for natural  landscaping around the ponds in anticipation of our son’s wedding here next summer – so exciting.  It will be great for our visitors too as this is their immediate view from the decking of Barn Owl and Little Owl so – watch this space!

Happy Days!


This great photo is posted with kind permission from the lovely Handley family celebrating their Mum’s 86th birthday.  Though when we heard the great hilarity from the games barn over the weekend, we thought the teenagers had moved in – in fact it was Mrs H Senior showing them how it was done on the table tennis table.

We hope to see them again sometime.

A few photos of Shingle Street

low tide
The shell line

IMG-20160609-WA0025      Dusk at Shingle Street last Thursday evening at 9.30.  Beautiful! Pictures taken by my lovely friend Heather.

The Owls at Oxley are ready and waiting for new guests.  Look forward to seeing you.