Little Owls at Oxley

IMG-20150711-WA0001                                                                            IMG-20150711-WA0002

Well, this little chap decided he wasn’t keen on the papparazzi taking his photo judging by the expression in the second photo!  My brother-in-law took this outside our sunroom in July.  We have seen the Little Owls quite a few times this year which we are delighted about.

There is a large biodiversity survey going on in the area at the moment covering butterflies and moths; birds; reptiles etc. Some results should be in later in the year.  For more information go to

Our latest visitors in Barn Owl report daily sightings of five hares in the field (except the day and night it rained the whole time!) and different butterflies and caterpillers so we will feed this into the survey.

Sheep aplenty with the lambs growing beautifully and Holly and Smokey in the paddocks outside Barn and Little Owls –  all is well at Oxley Dairy.